Fire Alarm systems

We provide service, monitoring, and inspections on 99.98% of all Fire Alarm Systems.
Authorized New York State
Silent Knight / Farenhyt Dealer, Engineered System Distributor.

Security Systems

We offer both Residential and Commercial DSC Security Alarm Systems. We offer monitoring on these as well.

Video Surveillance Systems

We install state-of-the-art Hikvision Network Video Recorders that include functions allowing you to watch your cameras on the go.

Access Control

Control who goes in and out of your establishment.
We install Keri brand systems that allow you to create specialized key tags for allowing access to specified individuals into your building.

Video Intercom Systems

We install Aiphone brand video intercoms that allow you visually communicate with people and “buzz” them in from the comfort of your desk.

Medical Units

We proudly offer Mobile GPS Medical Alarm Devices by Numera. With AT&T cellular coverage built right into the device you know your in good hands. 
In the case of an emergency the closest available emergency responders will be dispatched to your location and you will immediately be greeted with direct voice contact with highly-trained emergency response operators.

Electrical contracting

We proudly offer electrical contracting for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

We Offer Electrical servicing, Troubleshooting, Generator servicing/repair, Emergency power, lighting, and more. 

Our Team

We have a highly organized team of skilled laborers who take great pride in helping keep our community safe.
That’s what makes us the best.

About US

Volney Multiplex is a locally owned company that specializes in wide variety of services.
This includes installing and servicing fire alarm systems, security systems, video surveillance systems, access control, medical devices and the hundreds of various services offered by our fantastic team of skilled electricians.
Volney Multiplex is located in Fulton, New York, and has actively been serving the local community since 1980. 
For decades Volney Multiplex has taken great pride in providing professional installations and other services for all of our satisfied customers.
We are your #1 Farenhyt installer and distributor.

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